Geheimnisse der europäischen Kunst und Religion

Der bekannte Redner und Autor Prof. David Lewis-Williams vom Rock Art Research Institute der Wits University wird am 17. Mai im Origins Center sprechen.

From the Press Release: “Lewis-Williams’ lecture is titled: ‘From the depths of the cave: secrets of European art and religion.’ Hidden deep underground in the Upper Palaeolithic caves of France and Spain are exquisite images of animals, some of them now extinct species. Lewis-Williams queries why people some 10 000 to 34 000 years ago braved the hazards of the caves to make these images? He questions whether some sort of religion drove them underground. Lewis-Williams is Professor Emeritus and Senior Mentor at the Rock Art Research Institute. He is the author and co-author of 23 books and has published widely on rock art, prehistoric beliefs and the ancient San people. He has won numerous awards of excellence for his archaeological research. Prof Lewis-Williams was invited by President Thabo Mbeki to translate the South African national motto, ‘Diverse People Unite’, into the /Xam language of the San: (/ke e: /xarra //ke) Date: Tuesday 17 May 2011 Venue: Origins Centre, Wits University Time: 18h00 for 18h30 Cost: R45; R35 for Wits staff and students RSVP: > or tel 011 717 4700 Booking essential”