Das Studio wird mit einer von Aston Martin inspirierten Fotoausstellung eröffnet

Last week, Stephan Welz & Co opened its brand new Studio space in Nelson Mandela Square, Sandton, with the launch of a collection of Aston Martin- inspired photographs created by South African artist Clint Strydom.  

Simply called The Studio, the space on Mandela Square in Sandton City is a fresh and fluid multi-purpose exhibition space. “We’ve created The Studio specifically with the bustling cosmopolitan surroundings of Sandton in mind, and intend for it to become the foremost venue for inter-disciplinary exhibitions of South African art and artists, lectures by leading connoisseurs of the arts, and the display of the finest art, design and decorative arts that South Africa has to offer,” said Grace O’Malley from the Stephan Welz & Co Studio.
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The 170-square-metre Studio is an open industrial space. “It’s an adaptable blank canvas with a minimalist look which can be transformed for different types of art, or even live performance,” said O’Malley.
The Studio’s first exhibit features contemporary photographs taken by Clint Strydom at Aston Martin’s Design Studio in Gaydon in the UK and at the luxury car manufacturer’s showrooms in South Africa.
“Viewing this collection of work printed on the best quality cotton paper and produced in limited edition, one is immediately struck by the sophistication and diverse playfulness in lines which appear as abstract compositions,” said paintings consultant Fred Scott. “The realization that these images represent Aston Martin cars comes as a surprise to the viewer,” he said.
“It was never my intention to represent the car in its realistic form,” said Strydom, the artist. “I was inspired by the beauty of the car and the emotions and feelings I experienced when viewing it through the lens of my camera. Lines, shadows, contours, colours, light, reflections and perspectives all merge to portray the car as an artwork in itself,” he said.
Elements: Clint Strydom’s Aston Martin Collection wird vom 23. Juli bis 6. August im Studio ausgestellt.
Stephan Welz & Co in Cape Town will also host this exhibition from 30 July – 8 August 2014.
Stephan Welz & Co. ist der exklusive Agent der Sammlung. Für weitere Informationen kontaktieren Sie bitte 011 026 6567.