WALE 4.0 startet Programm

More than 70 events for WALE 4.0’s most ambitious and extensive programme yet.

From the Press Release: “The Wits Arts & Literature Experience – known this year simply as WALE 4.0 – is living up to its billing as the rising star on the South African arts festival calendar with a massive 75 events over four days. WALE 11 wird am 4.0. Mai mit einem unverzichtbaren kostenlosen Konzert in der Great Hall Plaza mit Kwani Experience und mehreren anderen Musikdarbietungen eröffnet und bietet fünf Tanzshows, 16 Theatershows, zwei Musiktheaterproduktionen, acht Musikveranstaltungen, 10 Filmvorführungen, sieben Ausstellungen, Zwei Installationen, drei Workshops, zwei Lesungen, eine Debatte und fünf buchbezogene Veranstaltungen an vier Tagen. Das Programm 2011 umfasst außerdem 15 Gastkünstler, 27 Studentenproduktionen und 33 Wits-Mitarbeiter- und Alumni-Angebote. Es gehört zu den bislang umfassendsten und vielfältigsten Programmen. Says Professor Tawana Kupe, WALE Founder and Champion in Chief, “Our new team has delivered an exceptional programme that really takes forward what we’ve built up over the past few years to create a significant arts event that makes Johannesburg a real cultural destination in May.” Headed by Wits Theatre General Manager, Ashraf Johaardien and Jade Bowers, the Artistic Director of WALE 4.0, the team has curated a programme built around a mixture of upcoming and established talent (often working together) as well as the debuting of exciting new creative works. WALE 4.0’s theatre and dance programmes are its most far-reaching yet — beginning with the production ‘Smoke and Mirrors’ which is directed by renowned choreographer and performer, Athena Mazarakis in collaboration with the acclaimed Forgotten Angle Theatre Collaboration. WALE 4.0’s dance element also includes a performance by the Tshwane Dance Theatre, underscoring the festival’s commitment to making connections with the broader Gauteng creative community as well as audiences from outside Johannesburg. This takes place at WALE 4.0’s closing event on May 14 in the Wits Great Hall. WALE 4.0’s theatre line-up is extensive and includes’ Planet B’, helmed by the critically-acclaimed director Helen Iskander. Diese Zusammenarbeit zwischen dem Fresco Theatre und dem Well-Worn Theatre findet im Nonnenkloster statt. Also not-to-be-missed is ‘Sexetera’ — directed by Sibikwa’s Phyllis Klotz and running at the WSOA Atrium. Another theatre highlight is ‘The Titled’, directed by Eliot Moleba and an expansion on his 2010 piece ‘The Untitled” which runs at the WSOA Basement. Under WALE 4.0’s music banner there’s plenty to stimulate audiences — starting with Zim Ngqawana’s Zimology (May 14 in The Atrium). During his three decades of playing, writing, performing and recording Ngqawana has created a philosophy he terms “Zimology” that is based on the belief that music (specifically the silence in music) can lead individuals back to their true self. Ngqawana’s appearance at WALE 4.0 is a coup and gives South African fans the rare chance to see this highly-regarded global music icon perform on home soil. The Mary Rorich Scholarship Concert, in honour of the late academic and musicologist, is another highlight of WALE 4.0’s music programming and will be held in the Linder Auditorium on May 15. Adding additional impact to WALE 4.0’s music offering is Gina Shmukler’s “Red, Hot & Cole” musical, a journey’ through the life and music of genius composer and lyricist, Cole Porter, as well as “Black Angels: Samson Diamond In Concert”. Like all of WALE 4.0’s programming, the film element of the festival has been significantly upped in 2011 and among the 10 screenings are four at The Bioskope at Main Street Life, a reflection of the festival’s impact on greater Johannesburg. Key components of the film element of WALE 4.0 are a screening and discussion of ‘A WALE Of A Time’ by Ann Marie Tully at The Bioscope on May 13 as well as the chance for Digital Storytelling to be elevated to new heights with Taku Kaskela’s presentation on Making A Film In One Day on at the Appollonia on May 14. WALE 4.0 has a strong emphasis on exhibitions — among them the Thinking Women’s Worlds exhibition at the Downstairs Theatre Foyer which features student photographs that explore young women’s experiences of life at Wits. Es wird von Professor Jill Bradbury kuratiert. Also not-to-be-missed is ‘The Photo Album — Spirit of a Child’ curated by Lebogang Ngwatle and the “21st Century Urban Communities” — a photography competition and exhibition facilitated by Ian Siemmers. Adding impact to this year’s programme are the number of discussions and debates that will get individuals talking, including a trio of workshops: ” Fuck me Queer! Wait you got the wrong idea…”, “Digital Storytelling: Make a film in one day” and “Unsilence: Performing and Exploring New Music”. Schließlich sorgt die Buchmesse bei WALE 4.0 dafür, dass die Literatur auf dem Festival stark vertreten ist. It features booksellers and publishers as well as a full programme of launches, discussions and debates (including on several titles from Wits University Press) that turn the Book Fair into a focal point of this year’s event. Ein vollständiges Programm und Details zu jeder Veranstaltung finden Sie unter www.wale.co.za, das regelmäßig mit Neuigkeiten rund um WALE 4.0 aktualisiert wird.